Learn more about Reflexology from Áine Carter, a Reflexology practitioner at The Spa at Ashford Castle. A holistic treatment, Reflexology has grown in popularity over the years due to the increased interest in wellness in society.

Developed over years of research, facial reflexology is now a treatment that has become popular. Like our feet, the nerves in our face are connected to different areas of the body. Hence, when we stimulate areas of the face, we also stimulate them in another region of our body.


My wellness ritual for you to try at home:

  1. Start by lighting your favourite scented candle, incense or add some essential oils to your diffuser.

  2. Cleanse the face. This washes off the dirt and free radicals of the day for a clean base to work on. I use the Elemis Cleansing Balm, a favourite here at The Spa at Ashford Castle. It contains 14 different essential oils and is a perfect balance of ingredients to cleanse and unwind.

  3. Then, add your favourite facial oil. The superfood facial oil (brilliant for oily or sensitive skin) or the procollagen marine oil (an anti-ageing and hydrating oil) by Elemis is ideal for this treatment.

  4. Take three deep mindful breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth, inhaling the soothing scents of the oils and exhaling the stresses of the day. We circle in between the eyebrows; this is a point that brings harmony and balance into the body. Then we circle from one eyebrow to the other, this relaxes the neck area.

  5. Press and release across the brow bone to free any sinus pain and pressure. Then circle the temples, an area where tension and stress can manifest itself throughout the day. Circling this area for just a few seconds every day can help release tension. Circle around the eyes to relax the eye muscles but also the shoulders and arms. Circling the eyes can help your shoulders feel less heavy after a busy day.

  6. Begin circling around the sides of the nose to reduce adrenaline. Adrenaline is made when we are put into stressful situations. It can be a helpful hormone, but too much of it produced over a long period of time can impact your wellness.

  7. Next, circle the eye bone to calm the lungs. If you have had a busy day this is a great time to be mindful of your breath, as it has the power to relax the whole body. Next, press and hold under the cheekbone. This area is associated with the solar plexus, one of the largest nerves in the body. By stimulating this nerve, we can calm the abdomen and the lower body. Circle the corners of the nostrils to calm the stomach and detoxify. Unfortunately, our digestive system can suffer when we are in flight or fight mode.

  8. Move across the face to in between the cheekbone and jawbone. When we circle this area, we relax both the jaw and all the lower back muscles too. Circle behind the ear for a peaceful sleep. This area is an energy point used to help the release of serotonin. Finish by circling the centre of the wrist between the tendons on your hands. This point will help balance the body's emotions.

  9. Add your favourite night/day cream to complete the self-treatment. You should notice how different your whole body feels after the wellness ritual.


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